How to update and upgrade Kali Linux to 2017.1

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Kali Linux has been released new version 2017.1, So get it Now

Download :

Install On Virtualbox: How to install kali linux on virtualbox – Full guide step by step

Update and Upgrade Kali Linux

Hey, first check Kali Linux version and then update and upgrade Kali Linux. As we know Offensive security always released a newer version of Kali Linux.  The newer version fixes bugs and the latest kernel, latest tools, and sometimes adds new tools. In update, advanced package tool (APT)  fetched headers data of available tools on the repository and saved into a local drive.

How to check Kali Linux version

#lsb_release -a

check Kali Linux version

Update Kali Linux can be performed by the following command

# apt-get update


$ sudo apt-get update 

In Upgrade, apt install a newer version of tools and removed the older version. It upgrades only tools.

# apt-get upgrade

$ sudo apt-get upgrade

Upgrade Kali Linux

you will get newer version of Operating System use the following command

# apt-get dist-upgrade

# sudo apt-get dist-upgrade 

Upgrade kali linux Operating System

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2 thoughts on “How to update and upgrade Kali Linux to 2017.1

  • i have installed and updated/upgraded kali 2016.2 64 bit on 16 gig usb drive with persistance.

    now i want to install this to my pc.
    does the fully updated version will be installed on PC or should i have to update/upgrade again ?

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