How to install kali linux on virtualbox – Full guide step by step

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Download Kali Linux OS (Operating System)

Kali Linux 32 and 64 bit ISO image file is available for download on Official website of Kali Linux. You can download by torrent,  so it is good news. Go HERE > .

How to install kali Linux on VirtualBox


Kali Linux Virtual Machine Requirements:

1. Installed Virtual box  on your system.

2. Kali Linux 2 Virtual Machine

3. Kali Linux ISO image File

Before starting to install you need to a little bit setting in you virtual machine first.

Step 1 Insert Virtual Installation CD/DVD of  kali Linux:

1. Go in settings of Kali Linux Virtual Machine.

2. Go in Storage > Controller: IDE > Select Empty

3. Click on CD icon in right side of CD/DVD drive: >choose a Virtual CD/DVD disk file >Click on it then new window will be popup.

4. Give the path of Kali Linux DVD image After adding virtual DVD in your Virtual Machine, It will ready to boot with Kali Linux live DVD.

How to install Kali Linux on virtual Box_image1
Step 2: Start your Virtual Machine and boot with DVD by clicking on start option available in top menu of Virtual box. After it you will be on the first screen of virtual machine boot with DVD.

Step 3: Now here you have many choice for selection so select install or Graphical install (both are some only difference of graphic interface) my recommendation is select Graphical install. After pressing Enter installation will be start.

How to install Kali Linux on virtual Box_image2
Step4: Select you Language and Click Continue.

Step5: Select your Country And click Continue.

Step6: Select Keyboard type by default it will remain American English and click on Continue after it will take little bit time to installing component in you system.

Step7: This screen ask you provide host name (which will show in network means your computer name . you can put any name whatever you want either set Kali.

How to install Kali Linux on virtual Box_image3
Step8: Here provide any domain name whatever you want like

How to install Kali Linux on virtual Box_image4
Step9: Setup Root Password Any whatever you want or set toor which by default. Click Continue.

How to install Kali Linux on virtual Box_image5
Step 10: Setup your time Zone (which time zone belongs to you)

Step 11: Most important part of installation to setup partition if you are new user and going to install Kali Linux in Virtual machine so Select first option Guided : Use entire disk:

How to install Kali Linux on virtual Box_image6
Note: if you are going to make you system system duel boot don’t select entire disk option by this your complete hard disk will be used by the kali linux system & you will lose your all data so be careful.

Step 12: your hard disk will show here select and Click on Contiue.

Step 13:: Select all files in one partition & Continue because this tutorial for new user and you are.

Step 14: Select Finish partition and write changes to disk & Continue.

How to install Kali Linux on virtual Box_image7
Step 15: Select Yes and Continue. Your installation will be start and it will take a little bit time wait

How to install Kali Linux on virtual Box_image8
Step 16: setting up network mirror Select No we will configure network mirror later.

Step 17: Select yes and Continue.

Step 18: Finish installation and Continue.

Video Tutorial: How to install kali linux on virtualbox

Going to finish installation and system will restart with Kali Linux Operating System.

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